King Edward Mine Museum and Mill

The exhibits in the museum tell the remarkable story of how this mine has survived almost intact for over 100 years.  The visitor is shown how the mine complex developed and then is taken on a guided tour of the mill to see much of the rare equipment in use as it would have been in the early 1900s.  Much of the machinery in the mill (where tin ore is processed) is amongst the last of its kind in the world.  The museum is also a valuable resource for local schools.


  • Visit the museum and learn something about the local and social history
  • Discover out how the mine complex developed
  • See a film of the mill in action
  • Take the guided tour through the tin processing plant where machinery can be seen at work
  • View some of the on-going restoration projects
  • Stay for a coffee and find out about Cornwall's Mineral Tramways Project
  • Browse in the shop


Our Californian Stamps are featured on Tin The Movie


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