From April 2013 King Edward Mine will be launching a new range of education workshops for schools, built around Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths principles that underpin the mining industry.


Of course, the fascinating history of Cornish mining society will also be evident in visits to the site, but this history is a mirror of advancing scientific knowledge and technical understanding over the last couple of centuries.


Visiting pupils will be weighing & measuring, estimating and calculating, investigating and analysing, designing and building, thinking and doing. All the workshops will include an element of challenge – students will not merely be passively ‘looking and listening’.

The list of workshop topics available include:



Maths Challenge (KS1 & KS2 options)

Buggy Building (based on underground trains/trams)

Construction Challenge (based on the design of traditional mine headgear)

Surveying Challenge (measuring and drawing a plan of the site in the original survey hut, using the original survey drawing tables!)

Engineering Challenge (design and make a machine that can move something  from one place to another using pulleys, wheels and launders)


All workshops have been designed by Lesley Allen, an experienced teacher with a background in science and technology, who has taken into account the requirements of a changing curriculum.

If you have any ideas for STEM workshops you would like to see or queries regarding the above options please contact her through the King Edward Mine website.

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