Winding Engine House

Beam and rod Beam and rod

Jack the Miner inspects the rod and beam that are normally found inside the engine house.


The steam power of the engine would push the beam up and down, and the rod would either drive machinery or help to pump water out of the mine.


Deep in the Earth the rocks are always wet. The water drains into the mine tunnels and miners could drown if the pumps stopped working.


This solid iron beam worked so hard in the past that it actually broke. Can you see the huge iron plate bolted to the beam where it has been mended?

View along the Great Flat Lode View along the Great Flat Lode

King Edward Mine sits in a valley near Troon. Deep underground, there is a lode of precious tin and copper. There are many mines along the valley. They all dig down into the same mineral rich rock. There are many other mines in Cornwall. Perhaps there are drives (tunnels) under your school?

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