Winder House

Cogs on winder engine Cogs on winder engine

Strong cables were wound around the drums. The engine turns the drums and the cables unwind and lower the cage down the shaft. Jack the Miner inspects the cogs on the winder engine. If the teeth are broken the cogs won’t go round and the engine won’t be able to pull the cage up and down the shaft safely.

Mine model in winder house Mine model in winder house

The mine model in the Winder House shows some more cogs driven by an engine in an engine house. Under the ground the rod is linked to a man engine which was sometimes used instead of a cage to get miners up and down the mine shaft.

Holman Brothers Holman Brothers

Jack the Miner used Holman’s drills underground. Holman Brothers was a large factory in Camborne. It made mining tools and equipment which were used all over the world. Some of the Holman’s collection of historical artefacts are on display at King Edward Mine.


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