Survey Office

Jack the Miner enjoys listening to schoolchildren talking about their visit to the mine while they eat their lunch. He also likes to ‘borrow’ a few bits of food if you are not looking carefully!

Handling artefacts Handling artefacts

The special collection of artefacts kept for school children to investigate are carefully polished and stored by Jack the Miner, ready for the next group of children that want to draw and handle them.

Trail Teasers


Can you get from the letter ‘E’ to the word ‘SHOVEL’ by adding one letter to each word down the pyramid? Every word must be a proper word!


      _ _
    _ _ _
  _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _

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Gold Dust for Historians

King Edward Mine's specialist bookshop for Cornish mining and  history books.  See Shop for details.

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