South Condurrow Engine House

View of engine house from King Edward Mine View of engine house from King Edward Mine

This old granite engine house used to drive machinery on the outdoor dressing floors that were on the field below. The ore was broken and sorted on the dressing floors. Jack the Miner has been busy on an archaeological dig here and found some interesting things under the ground.

Old boot Old boot

Just look what Jack the Miner found! An old leather miner’s boot that someone must have lost many years ago! It has heavy stitching and big metal studs on the sole. I wonder where the other one went?

Dressing yard Dressing yard

The old dressing yards used to be covered in cobble stones like this one behind the Survey Office. Women and children worked on these dressing floors, outside in the wind and rain! Would you rather have worked underground or on the surface?

Trail Teasers


1.  Camborne


2.  200


3.  Australia
     South Africa


4.  6


5.  Ladder


6.  24


7.  Here are 30 words you may have got:
a, at, art, act, an, am, in, are, either, mate, make, mine, jam, jack, the, them, harm, arm, tack, rack, rim, take, rain, rein, ream, train, track, trim, thin, think

If you got 10 words you deserve a copper medal! If you got 20 words you deserve a silver medal. If you got 30 words you deserve a gold medal!




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