Children looking into museum Looking and learning

Jack the Miner has put lots of interesting objects and photographs into the museum for people to look at. He really enjoys listening to people talking about what they see. He is like a Cornish Knocker – sometimes you can hear him but you never, ever see him!

Model of shaft A model of the top of a shaft

This model shows how the shafts were supported by wooden beams and struts. Above ground the miners climbed into the cage. This cage is a ‘double-decker’ so how many miners could go up or down in one trip? (Remember how many miners got into the single cage outside – page 2.)

Tallow candles Tallow candles

The miners had to be able to see what they were doing when they were using explosives. In the past they only had tallow candles on their helmets.

Trail Teasers


Each candle burns for 2 hours, and each underground shift is twelve hours. How many candles does Jack the Miner need for each day’s work?

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