Mill Building

General view Inside the mill

The mill is a very important place. The machines still work and visitors can see the crushed rock being sorted into valuable cassiterite (tiny black crystals of tin mineral) and waste sand.

Rag frames Rag frames

The rag frames are just one way of separating valuable tin from the waste sand using flowing water. Jack the Miner loves trying to guess which one will tip over next! The water spills over the sloping stage and washes the black tin into the collecting trough at the base. It is such fun to watch!

Hand barrow Hand barrow

Jack the Miner has carefully collected many of the old bits of mining equipment and hung them up in the mill. There are wheelbarrows and handbarrows, and also some huge bellows to keep the furnace fires going.

Trail Teasers


The mine has 3 shifts a day and 12 miners in each shift. How many pasties will they need to feed every miner?

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