Engine Shaft

Cage Cage

The cage is like a lift going down into the Earth. Jack the Miner makes sure the cage is safe for people to get into. When it was used by miners there would be 8 people in here going deep underground! It was a bit of a squash!

Engine Shaft Cover Engine Shaft Cover

Under this grating is a vertical shaft that goes 120 metres straight down! Jack the Miner sometimes has to go down into the shaft, hanging off a rope, to inspect the killas (slate rock) to make sure it isn’t going to collapse. He laughs when visitors are too scared to stand on top of the grating. Would you be brave enough to stand on it?

Trail Teasers


There are 20 ladders in the shaft. Each ladder has 10 rungs. How many rungs does Jack the Miner have to climb at the end of his shift?

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