Californian Stamps Building

Stamp heads Stamp heads

Jack the Miner has to check that the stamp heads are not too worn. They are heavy lumps of iron which go up and down and crush the rock into tiny pieces. Crushing rocks like this is the only way of separating valuable tin from the waste sand.

Looking down the stamps Looking down the stamps

The Californian Stamps are very big. Looking down from the top of the stairs can make you feel rather dizzy. You have to hold the handrail tightly as you go down. Jack the Miner makes sure that the steps aren’t wobbly!

Tools near the stamps Mining tools

King Edward Mine has plenty of tools on show that were used in the mine. Can you help Jack the Miner to check that they are all still there? Can you see a Cornish shovel? What about a pick axe? And are there plenty of hammers to break up the rock?

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