Calciner Building

Small yellow truck Small, underground shovel truck

Outside the calciner building there are some small underground train trucks. Jack the miner has to check whether the rocks in the shovel truck have got any valuable tin in them. The trains are small because the underground tunnels are also quite small.

Kibble Kibble

Ore used to be hauled up from the mine in a kibble. These old ones are inspected by Jack the Miner to make sure they are in good condition for visitors to look at.

Model of mineral tramway Model of mineral tramway

The calciner building was where they used to roast the black tin to extract the solid, white tin metal. They needed lots of coal, for this which was brought along the mineral tramway in heavy wooden trucks.

There is a special collection of old mining objects for school children to investigate. Jack the Miner looks after them very carefully so they are always ready for the next class to draw and handle.

Trail Teasers


How many new words can you make from JACK THE MINER? You can only use each letter once in each word!

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