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Below is a picture taken from an aeroplane flying over King Edward Mine. There are lots of buildings, and many are over 100 years old! King Edward Mine has a very interesting history and is full of working machinery and interesting objects which tells you about mining in Cornwall.


What were the miners looking for? How did they get it out of the ground? How did they separate it from the rock? The answers to these, and lots more questions, can be found at King Edward Mine and in the following pages.

Each building in the picture above has a number next to it. Find the right page that tells you more about what is in each building. Look out for ‘Jack the Miner’ who is checking the mine to keep it safe for visitors.


Look out for Jack and his ‘TRAIL TEASERS’ for you to work out at the bottom of each page. The answers are right at the end of the trail!

Below are links to a crossword and wordsearch for you to do. There are many interesting words on the following pages in bold type that are the answers to these puzzles! You can also look up these words in books and on the internet!

Complete the sentences
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Wordsearch KS1
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Wordsearch KS2
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