Sulzer Water pumping engines

King Edward Mine also has a preserved two Sultzer water pumping engines  one of which is often seen working on Open Day.

Sulzer Two Cycle Diesel Engine RK 30.


They were originally installed for the Falmouth Water Company around 1926/27 and one of them was kept on standby until the early 1970s. King Edward Mine removed the engines in 1989 and erected the better one at KEM around 1994

After writing to Sulzer in 1992 for info on the engines, they sent an original handbook quite amazing.

The engines are twin cylinder verticals with a bore of approx 300 mm. the flywheels are approx 1.88 m in diameter with a width of 280mm. One of the engines has the numbers 11182 and 11183 on the side


King Edward Mine Open Day 2018

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