King Edward Mine-our  historic tin mine above ground

The vision of King Edward Mine museum is to celebrate the mining history of Cornwall by collecting, stewarding and interpreting historical and engineering heritage in ways that increase knowledge and ignite curiosity among people of all ages and backgrounds.  As Cornwall’s best preserved mine site, the buildings have been beautifully restored and now serve as a community hub for the Cornish Mining World Heritage area.


Our beautifully restored mill contains some of the last remaining working equipment of its kind in the world.

King Edward Mine Californian Stamps

Our set of Californian Stamps were brought from the Paris Exhibition of 1900 (flat-packed) and the  Mill building was built around them.   The deafening noise of this great machine can be heard in action several times a year.  The stamps were a nominal 850 lbs weight with a drop of 8 ins operating at about 100 drops per minute.


Ore is fed into the mortar box from hehind the heads along with a steady stream of water, reducing the rock to sand that can then be sorted into ore and waste using further equipment and gravity separation methods. 

Californian Stamps at King Edward Mine Californian stamps

King Edward Mine Holman winding and compressor house

We have restored the building to house our original Holman winding machinery (for the headframe above the mineshaft).

King Edward Mine Boiler House

The historic boiler house has been restored  and turned into a further exhibition space. Originally, this contained a boiler that provided the steam for the engine  that drove the belts for the Mill.

King Edward Mine Holman Exhibition

Amongst the many exhibits we showcase the international history of  Holman rock-drills.

The museum and its artifacts are currently a valuable resource for local schools.

King Edward Mine Engine Room exhibition

Originally, this building housed a 90HP Holman Mill Engine, that drove the belts for the Mill.


The former historic engine room is now an exhibition room with photos and video of the history of our own mine and the technology that made it work.

King Edward Mine Survey Office 1899

The reason why the buildings and their historic contents were preserved is because King Edward Mine was used as a teaching facility for the Camborne School of Mines (CSM) for almost 100 years from 1897 to 1984.


Our beautiful Survey Office has remained almost unchanged since it was first built in 1897.  It is still used  by students today.

King Edward Mine 2018 Remembrance Day CSM students at Service of Remembrance 11/11/18
Survey Office at King Edward Mine CSM students in the Survey Office 1899

We are running a Saturday science club for children,  open for innovative art projects, and manage the ecology of our wild lands (partly named as 'the Wastrels'). 


We have a gem of a specialist bookshop selling Cornish books on a variety of topics, but mostly history.  We have up to 60 volunteers who guide our visitors, and contribute to the preservation and development of this unique site.

Photography Courses 2019

New for 2019 starting April, see News and Events

Volunteering can be very rewarding - all year inside or outside with our ecology projects

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